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Sales & Operations - Case Study

At a time we were somewhat in disarray, Rachel came in and helped organize things and get the ball rolling...she and her team jump in and get their hands dirty with whatever project is needed.

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Through close partnership with the client's staff, our experience in LEAN management and systems thinking, our team provides leadership in a common pain point - network file structure organization.

Our team was tasked to inventory the company's current network drive structure, map departments to files, and move or delete existing files to the new structure.

We met with each department to determine their use of the shared drive – and to find the "hidden" files each employee kept on their local workstation or unauthorized file sharing system.

At the conclusion of the project, we reorganized the files, trained each department on how to use the new system, and provided a record retention plan. We even created a "scavenger hunt" type game for new hires!