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My Talent Connection - Recruiting


MBR has an exceptional talent for reading people and situations. [They are] intuitive, innovative, focused and great to work with!

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In today's workplace, it sometimes hard to find good candidates to fill open positions in your company. That is where the MBR My Talent Connection comes in. This business solution is included as a service for Human Resources and Total Business Partnership clients.

How does it work?

Successful recruiting requires a combination of human connection, communication skills, intuition, and analytics. We leverage technology and social media to increase your pool of qualified applicants, and connect with them to understand the person behind the resume. We take the time to understand your company brand and hiring needs and to find the talent you've been waiting for!

Talent Recruiting

What We Do:

  • Recruiting for direct hire and permanent placement positions
  • Retained searches
  • Behavioral- based screening and interviewing
  • Access to our extensive professional networks
  • World-class applicant tracking system
  • Discounts of multiple positions available

Industries / Specialties:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction / Trades
  • Architecture / Engineering
  • Restaurants
  • Creative / Media Agencies
  • Executives / Management
  • Physicians / Clinical
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administration and Operations
  • Human Resources