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Human Resources & Marketing - Case Study

Having Rachel as an HR Manager was, truly, a pleasure... [she] takes the time to listen to every issue and concern, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant.

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This Columbus, Ohio business owner had recently purchased an existing residential HVAC business. Though the business had been operating for over 20 years, there were no HR tools or systems in place. A small business "kit of parts" was developed, incorporating the business' core values and branding.

My Business Resource also introduced and coordinated with a benefits broker to provide competitive benefits and rates to the business' associates. Recruiting services were also provided, quickly resulting in the hire of multiple new technicians in a difficult talent market.

The business also required a redesign of the company website to reflect the new owner's mission and vision. Customer and employee testimonials were obtained on video and a new website, company LinkedIn page, and Facebook page, were created to leverage the company's great brand and reputation and support the company's rapid growth.